Vale of Atholl Solo Competition – Saturday 18th January 2020

Saturday 18th January saw some of our youngsters travel to Pitlochry to take part in the Vale of Atholl solo competition at Pitlochry High School, a great day was had by all and some fantastic results:

Chanters: Zane Smith, Cailen Ness (5th Place)

Novice Under 15 Piping: Drew Townsley

Novice 15-18years Piping: Graham Hill

Piobaireachd Under 15: Katie Duthie (1st Place)

Piobairechd 15-18yrs: Brogan Townsley (6th Place)

March Under 15: John William Brown, Cailem Townsley, Drew Townsley Katie Duthie (4th Place)

MSR 15-18 years: Brogan Townsley

Jig Under 15: Cailem Townsley, Katie Duthie (3rd Place), John William Brown (1st Place)

Jig 15-18 years: Brogan Townsley  (3rd Place)

Champion Piper Under 15 – Katie Duthie 

Stick & Pad: Courtney Hill (2nd Place)

Novice Snare: Atholl Salmond (4th Place), Jack Barr (3rd Place), Cian McDonnell (1st Place)

Novice Tenor Drumming: Oran Salmond (1st Place)

Dress & Deportment Piping: Katie Duthie (1st Place)

Dress & Deportment Drumming: Atholl Salmond  (3rd Place)

James Seaton Scott

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the death of Jim Scott on Sunday 28th June 2020. Jim was a dedicated, player, teacher and huge supporter of Perth and District Pipe Band. Jim’s funeral took place on Thursday 9th July, 11:00am, Scone Cemetery, it was fantastic to see so many Perth and District members attend in uniform from youngsters up to the not so young!! especially at such strange times that we find ourselves in, he would have been so happy to see so many. Jim will be missed by many.

Perth and District – Pipe Band Practices to resume

Pipe Band practices will resume on Monday 24th August 2020

We look forward to seeing you all again at practice on Monday 7th September 2020, Social distancing measures will be put in place, with this in mind details of time slots will be sent out in due course and will be advertised on the website. Take care all and have a lovely summer, see you all then.

Teaching Weekend -22nd/23rd February 2020

We will be holding a teaching weekend for all members on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 2020, 9:30am – 4:30pm both days, guest tutors for both Piping and Drumming, Upper Springlands, Isla Road, Perth, all levels welcome, lunch will be provided. Please give your name and any dietary requirements to the Secretary by Monday 17th February.

125th Anniversary

On the 15th September The band exercised its right to play through the streets of the City of Perth

21 Pipers ,8 Sides and 4 Tenors on Parade

We played at various points in the centre of the city as well as at Horse Cross this was while the Continental market and food fayre was on as well

The band then made its way to the viewing platform where we were met by our Patron Dr John and Sara Hulbert for a few photos to mark the occasion.

Then some were  off for  lunch at Brown and Blacks others to the Pub as the case may be.

Congratulation son our first timers today, Cian McDonnell, Kyle Stewart, and Rory Stewart


Pitlochry Highland games 

the band played well through out the day with just a few wee mistakes keeping us out of the first three prizes

2nd in the street march and 4th in the competition

Then marched up to Fishers Hotel in Pitlochry where there were a few tunes  and a few drams