Vale of Atholl Solo Competition – Saturday 18th January 2020

Saturday 18th January saw some of our youngsters travel to Pitlochry to take part in the Vale of Atholl solo competition at Pitlochry High School, a great day was had by all and some fantastic results:

Chanters: Zane Smith, Cailen Ness (5th Place)

Novice Under 15 Piping: Drew Townsley

Novice 15-18years Piping: Graham Hill

Piobaireachd Under 15: Katie Duthie (1st Place)

Piobairechd 15-18yrs: Brogan Townsley (6th Place)

March Under 15: John William Brown, Cailem Townsley, Drew Townsley Katie Duthie (4th Place)

MSR 15-18 years: Brogan Townsley

Jig Under 15: Cailem Townsley, Katie Duthie (3rd Place), John William Brown (1st Place)

Jig 15-18 years: Brogan Townsley  (3rd Place)

Champion Piper Under 15 – Katie Duthie 

Stick & Pad: Courtney Hill (2nd Place)

Novice Snare: Atholl Salmond (4th Place), Jack Barr (3rd Place), Cian McDonnell (1st Place)

Novice Tenor Drumming: Oran Salmond (1st Place)

Dress & Deportment Piping: Katie Duthie (1st Place)

Dress & Deportment Drumming: Atholl Salmond  (3rd Place)